In cooperation with ONLYGLASS GMBH, Paragon now offers MEDIAFAÇADE, Media Wall façade system.


While typical media walls & media mesh products offer minimal transparency and are hung on to the building envelope, (increasing loading on the structure) MEDIAFAÇADE is distinguished by its high-level transparency.


Utilizing LED strings inserted into insulated glass units (IGUs), the IGU maintains its full function as the MEDIAFAÇADE preserves the facades architectural intent & sophistication.  Depending on the pixel pitch, the light and view, transparency is between 80% (20mm pixel pitch) and 96% (100mm pixel pitch).


MEDIAFAÇADE can also be configured as a curtain wall system (aluminum framed system) or as a point-supported (structural glass wall system), providing daylight for interior occupants and an exterior canvas for advertisement and artistic media.  With an additional maximum weight less than 0.75 # / sq. ft. MEDIAFAÇADE is lightweight and causes no further structural expense.


With around 1 billion colors (10bit) and a pixel pitch of at least 20mm MEDIAFAÇADE has an extremely efficient display.  Even in daylight the overall picture has a high resolution and is clearly discernible to a large extent.  The same also applies to moving images.


MEDIAFAÇADE opens new possibilities for communication in urban space offering new, creative perspectives for architects and urban planners, & for artists and advertisers.