Glass as a flooring option introduces new architectural opportunities allowing designers to manipulate color & light; defining space.


Paragon’s anti-slip glass flooring & staircase systems are engineered & tested, designed to instill confidence.  With an emphasis on safety and transparency, Paragon has been in the glass flooring business long before its most recent trend.  We have completed 100’s of projects including; high-traffic public spaces, interactive museum exhibits, corporate branding settings, universities and high-end hospitality & residential settings.  In the most demanding traffic conditions Paragon Glass flooring exceed expectations; wet or dry.


Paragon glass flooring consists of various layers of laminated safety glass.  The lower lites are redundantly designed to withstand service loads while the upper lite provides slip–resistance.  All components of our laminated, walk-able safety glass, are made in-house, utilizing PVB or Sentryglas interlayer.


DURASCREEN.              Download Frit Patterns

For the most aggressive anti-slip requirements Paragon offers DURASCREEN ANTI-SLIP GLASS.  Durascreen is a specially formulated anti-slip material utilizing ceramic and acid-etching technology.  Durascreen allows measurable control over the coefficient-of-friction and can exceed typical ASTM & UL Anti-Slip requirements. Besides the standard patterns (lines, dots & checker-plate) Durascreen anti-slip can also be configured in custom patterns and will provide resistance where other floors fail.


T-GLAZ & OHAK SERIES.            See Pattern Glass

For maximum transparency, we also offer T-GLAZ & OHAK SERIES, ANTI-SLIP GLASS.  T-Glaz is the only fully-transparent anti-slip floor on the market.  Unlike other glass floors claiming to be full-transparent (utilizing crushed glass particles to create resistance) T-Glaz is the ideal flooring solution to display museum artifacts and fine art, or for any area where a non-obstructed view.  Additionally the Ohak Series provides maximum transparency in an anti-slip glass format utilizing specialized raised patterns specially formulated for glass flooring applications.



Paragon offers fully integrated glass flooring / staircase solutions & handrail systems.  Eliminating the clutter & confusion of multiple component suppliers our system includes the design and engineering of all components (anti-slip glass, handrails, guardrails, structural supports, stringers, glass hardware / fittings, etc.) and include a licensed engineer’s stamp (on drawings and structural calculations).  Our systems are scalable and customizable to fit your project’s unique needs, and as a standard practice we are available to design / assist in the proper specification of your glass flooring.


Zero Tolerance Polish – (ZTP).

For the highest level of architectural finishing, Paragon offers the ZTP   (Zero Tolerance Polish) ‘monolithic look’ edge treatment