Innovation & design flexibility are the inspirations for Paragon’s new Honeycomb Glass.


Manipulating light and space, Honeycomb Glass provides varying levels of translucence & privacy, in a unique insulated glass format (IGU).  Suitable for interior and exterior applications, Honeycomb Glass is ideal for wall partitions, sloped & over-head glazing, and backlit applications.


Available in a maximum size of 70 x 145”, Honeycomb Glass is available in transparent, translucent and lens-ray formats.  In transparent format, directional sight lines, daylighting and privacy is easily achieved by adjusting the orientation of the glazing panel.  In translucent and lens-ray formats, Honeycomb Glass is ideal to diffuse light and provide shading or privacy.


Honeycomb Glass is available with tinted glass, printed graphics, and colored interlayer.  In translucent and lens-rays formats, dramatic optical and backlit effects are easily achieved.  Honeycomb glass also provides considerable sound dampening effects and is currently being installed in a variety of hospitality settings.